swan.. fold.. hmm maybe we should look into lightning

its my fault guys, i stacked at 60K yesterday

michael krieger writes a great blog post on canceling yourself. He then ends it with: "I’ll continue to use Twitter..." that invalidates his whole article. big names need to make the switch or it's never gonna happen. I love you michael, but come on!!!


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I know I’m preaching to the choir, but..

After vaccine passports are normalized, incremental criteria will be added. For example, why not add a “no-fly list” to the passports. Its for your safety!

Also, why limit it to travel restrictions? You’re a danger to everyone in the restaurant, then grocery store. Sorry but you can’t go to Walmart anymore unless you comply. It’s for safety!

And..why not add a designator of “dangerous people” based on political criteria; hate crimes and such. We must keep Hitler off our flights of course. That’s just common sense.

After that stage, its just formally a tool to restrict dissidents and its too late for anyone to complain without getting added to the list.

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Unlike other fields/markets, #Bitcoin Twitter is "FIERCE" because is comprised of Anons & Well-Capitalized individuals. They don't fear reprisal of peers, job loss or financial censorship

BT for all it's beauty and flaws is just a taste of what ancap world may look like.

looking forward to market forces taking care of vaccine passport businesses.

"when i see a new all time high or when bitcoin's pumping by 1000 or 10000 or whatever, its exciting, but when i look at it, I wonder how many people today got free.... today is the day I unplug." -- john k vallis.

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RT @piratebeachbum

“Not only could the variant "break through" protections offered by the Pfizer vaccine, but it uniquely affects those who have been vaccinated (around eight times higher) than those who have not received the vaccine” denvergazette.com/wex/study-fi

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One more thing. If Satoshi was still alive, he would not be posting on the internet.
But if he did - he wouldn't be caught dead on Twitter.
He'd be on Mastadon.

clicked a quora link in a search. They want you to login via google or facebook before seeing anything. bye bye quora.

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Geert Vanden Bossche - tldr: the vaccine's making things worse: 1) It suppresses your natural immune response - changes your body's software so to speak so that you will have weak responses to new strains and 2) because of this weak response we have "viral escape" .. strains in the wild become more infectious. Which country is not vaccinating? They should be good.


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Fiat wealth management: Diversify, watch every investment like a hawk, rebalance every quarter, research many hours a week, meet lots of people for better deal flow

#Bitcoin wealth management: HODL and spend time living life

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just imagine if everyone that has taken the vaccine dies in 18 months and the only people left are weirdo dissidents and bill gates crew
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@NunyaBidness More of this!
Utah ✅
Florida ✅
Texas ✅
Idaho ✅

We don’t need all the states to do this, just enough that it thwarts those that do want passports to back TF off.

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