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Attention World Leaders: There is no official delegation for #Bitcoin. Anyone contacting you or your ambassadors to receive any such delegation is a scammer.

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For the first time in my life, I feel like I've done something productive using Zoom[*] and I don't feel like a narcissist after using a selfie stick.

I wanted to inspect part of my roof near a window where I keep hearing birds but my expanding ladder takes a long time to setup and break down, plus I'm a dork, so I put my phone on a selfie stick at maximum extension and video called my tablet.

[*] No, I didn't really use Zoom for this; I used Jitsi. 'Cause what's roof inspection without E2EE?

“Bitcoin are the testicles of the universe.” -@maxkeiser[1] 😂🤣😂

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Not only have I been perma-banned on @Venmo, @CashApp and @Zelle, Chase Bank has banned me from coming on any property they own.

If you wanna get paid by me, you better be able to set up your crypto wallet.

i've started DL'ing videos instead of streaming with youtube-dl.
1) I hate buffering issues from invidious.
2) the videos i watch tend to get banned. may need the download if i want to fwd.

create a 12 word seed with dice throws. practice memorization every day until you know it cold. No need to fund it, just have it ready in your brain if you need to run.

"Will Tesla halt car sales in areas where the same requirement is not met for production of electricity consumed by Teslas?! @elonmusk" -- Parker Lewis

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Bitcoin mining could literally cure cancer and there would still be Bitcoin haters.

Don't appease them.

not that it matters, but it's lucky it turned out to be south america and not north korea.

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RT @LibertyBlitz
This is the inventor of mRNA vaccines.

But hey don’t listen to him, trust CNN.

no crash this weekend? Has Elon run out of coin to sell on weekends?

If twitter becomes decentralized and lightning monetized, i will not be going back. jack lost his credibility with me.

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Bitcoin allows you to be honest. "Honesty" got George Constanza a hot girlfriend. My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents... I'm Victoria. Hi.

Bitcoin totally undermines chinas gold hoarding strategy. They say they have 2K tons but probably have 10X more. US OTOH says they have 8K but probably has less or none. What starts Sovereign game theory? Not El Salvador. China starts a gold backed digital yuan. The only counter is full adoption of bitcoin. h/t dominic frisby.

Nov Rally? "The bitcoin price rose almost 50% in the week following SegWit's activation."

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Has anyone thought of just banning crime to stop criminals?

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Doge was great, until it took itself seriously.

I wonder how these people running interference for the federal reserve live with themselves

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