analogizing the old joke: "being chased by a lion, i only have to be faster than you" seems like it to applies to hard money too. Bitcoin s2f is already higher than gold. The lion just hasn't caught up yet.

Citadels are centralized... What you want is a couple of passports and many small condo's in all the bitcoin friendly countries.

Am I the only one that gets out old textbooks and does the problems?

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Governments tax you mostly for punitive and control reasons.

If it was really about revenue, they'd just print more fiat.

the jekyll island book is the money changers youtube in book form.

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two reasons to get 2nd passport now.
1) the longer you wait, the more likely your facial info will be linked to your old passport. Hence nullifying the advantage.
2) Cost is likely to rise.

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i think bitcoin's "hockeystick" moment is alot closer and will happen alot faster than people think. "money" is different from every other network effect.

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UK- is it just me or are there a lot of ppl with various chest ailments around. My colleagues have chest problems, when I'm out and about I hear lots of coughs and sneezes. I hear a lot of excuses as to why they are a little poorly none of which include the vaccine which at the moment I would say 99% of ppl I know and more worryingly my children know have had the jab. Currently we haven't, not sure how long we can hold out but hanging on in there..

this is cool:
send sats via a URL to anyone. kind of like a virtual opendime

i want bitcoin/lightning on mastodon, not fucking twitter!

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Larry Sanger, Wikipedia Co-Founder is legit saddened at what it's become. He says 'embarrassed."

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made the mistake of telling one of my lefty friends i'm not vaxed. Now I'm his new "project" and is sending me huffington post articles.

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"Frightned people stood in lines for hours at a time to be vaccinated.
worry—an illness that, during the same time period, had caused ten thousand times more damage than smallpox."

— Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
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@adam The little man "Fauci" is going to jail, incredible testimony before the Senate, by questions from Rand Paul

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