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if you thought that was entertaining, just wait until the Ethereum ponzi implodes

it will be spectacular

BREAKING: Rand Paul blocks the $40 billion for Ukraine

even if it's for a week, that's a chad move

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@verretor I almost feel sorry for the Russians carefully preparing infographics about the biolabs that nobody in west is paying any attention to.

Hunter Biden funding bioweapons in Ukraine good because Putin bad.

wonder if the gamestop assholes that caused the dump yesterday borrowed saylors coins.

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if number go up is not taking place for you right now, you have the wrong mindset

ready for the day bitcoiner doctors reject the medical industrial complex, and just start treating patients for btc.

i wonder how many insiders know when the CIA decides to change the current thing. Liz warren? Psaki? Roberts?

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Men did greater things when it was harder to see boobs

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I still can't believe how many people got injected with a product which nobody knows the long term side effects.
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Stoney's Ghost's Ghost is

Give him a follow.

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The hard part isn't changing the code.

The hard part is convincing the world to use YOUR version of the code.

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Everything, ever, that is good has come from an act of kindness!

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I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means

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If it takes two years to find out if something the executive branch does that is obviously unconstitutional is unconstitutional then the American federal system is broken as fuck, honestly.

US Govt was probably blackmailing Musk. Given how fast all of this went down.

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inflation turns your savings account into the government's checking account.

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