Fyi There may be a nationwide throttling of vpn's happening on the US. UDP port 1194 traffic. For me mullvad is fine. They may be using non standard ports. Reference:

@bimmer May be a prelude to a larger scale shutdown. See also recent major shutdown on Eastern seaboard.

@freethinkingperson if this is really happening this country is really going down the tubes

@bimmer @freethinkingperson

Don't worry, everything can run on TCP port 443. 😃

The recent tor issues are very concerning.

It is great to see the increasing number of decentralized open source projects but the internet has many centralized points of failure that authoritarian governments can use to control and surveil the communications of their citizens.

@lizard @freethinkingperson the video said he tried 443 TCP and it got throttled too. Which means they are into the packets.

@bimmer @lizard Yes, I do think a nationwide internet "limiting" or national censoring of specific services is currently underway in the USA. This is part of why everyone should have Briar Project on their phone.

@bimmer @freethinkingperson

Briar better than signal? No phone number required is a big plus.

So I did actually go back and listen to the YouTube video. I tested with openvpn which uses 1194 udp and didn't find any throttling. As a result I'm not freaking out but this is something to keep an eye on.

@lizard @freethinkingperson agreed, he said it stopped on his end as well. I think element is a real competitor to signal. Just as slick but your own server.

@lizard @bimmer I didn't say Briar is better than Signal. That is a misunderstanding. I think you should have both. Have Signal because it's generally excellent for messaging, calls, video calls - all encrypted all the time between Signal users. Have Briar because you need it in the event the internet shuts off. Briar is a mesh net app.

@hashenstein I guess time will tell. Rob Braxman from video is a straight shooter.

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