Current BTC price action not normal. It goes down very little. Translated.. big buyer backstopping. 2nd translation getting rid of all these weak handed sellers this early super bullish.

@bimmer The frenzy will happen when a couple major corporations or financial institutions get frustrated trying to accumulate slowly and just starts lifting offers especially through spoofing sell walls. The price is running away and everyday more organizations are completing due diligence and getting necessary approvals to begin acquiring Bitcoin. There is a chance we can go beyond $1m this epoch. A smart org will use some funds to top tick price for mark to market on balance sheet.

@clashicly I've bought into the whole final cycle narrative. Saylor/Dan held

@bimmer This could be the “final cycle” as these institutions will not be in favor of 80% pullbacks. They could mimic MSTR with incremental buys using a portion of earned income every quarter. The typical Bitcoiner doesn’t have the disposable income to buy huge amounts indefinitely. Although all should practice monthly buys no matter how small the amount. Partial salary in Bitcoin gaining greater adoption would guarantee this is the final cycle.

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