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To the sellers, the shorters, the rat fuck noodle-handed weasels:

Have at it. Panic, quiver, flail about. Run to safety in a sea of make-believe.

Drive the price down to whatever you think you can, big boys. Use your regulatory arbitrage to fuck it up. Let that exchange rate wretch and gag.


My sats are impervious to your desperate distortions.


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Since I deleted Twitter I spend less time on socialist media and more time getting things done. Haven't even checked the price of BTC today. Feels good man.

something tells me this weekend may be an up weekend.

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@drgo fuck jack and birdsite. I know im missing a lot.. Bitcointina and americanhodl to name two of many. Oh well.

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@bimmer You pay 9.5 percent and earn 8 percent, so it's a losing proposition. But if you're going to borrow a year's expenses anyway, better to put it on block-fi earning interest than to keep it in the bank as you use it over the course of the year.

@heartofbitcoin 8.6% earned less 6.5% paid. What are we missing here?

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RT @michael_saylor
What happens when all the publicly traded Bitcoin miners stop selling #bitcoin and start buying it to #hodl using publicly issued equity & debt to cover their expenses? BTC stock to flow goes to infinity, then it goes negative…

@clashicly I've bought into the whole final cycle narrative. Saylor/Dan held

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Current BTC price action not normal. It goes down very little. Translated.. big buyer backstopping. 2nd translation getting rid of all these weak handed sellers this early super bullish.

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I'm more interested in what happens to the half of the US population who voted Trump and aren't wanted by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google than I am by the latest Silicon Valley gimmick.

@MrMaxPowers247 been reading up, iphones can airdrop to strangers if they turn off "contacts only". otherwise only works for contacts. androids have to touch to transfer. very cool

@MrMaxPowers247 how do you airdrop a txt to someone you dont know? is that a real thing?

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Voting in elections is false freedom. You cannot vote against the system.

Bitcoin is a vote against the system.

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