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What does school really teach children:

• Truth comes from authority.
• Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat.
• Accurate memory and repetitions are rewarded.
• Non-compliance is punished.
• Conform: Intellectually and socially.

Did I miss something? Snowden is a shitcoiner?

thought experiment: you are in control of bitcoins price and are told to make it go up, but with one caveat: you have to rekt as many leveraged degen traders as possible. what would that look like?

@breedlove22 i lost interest in kiyosaki after the way he treated saif. hopefully he treated you better.

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Capitalism: people executing plans.

Communism: plans executing people.

#Bitcoin is collectivist-proof property.

@stephanlivera this guy was good. It was like listening to a verbal math proof.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 my balance has been going up. but true, the awards are way lower than comparable fiat reward cards.

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I just want to say the fediverse is the real winner in this thread, where we were able to discuss and hear an unconventional topic across multiple instances without Zuckerberg or Dorsey looking over our shoulder to determine if we should be allowed to talk.

That is cool. 👍

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The consequences of the truth are inescapable: you either face them voluntarily or they find you involuntarily.
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Really listen to what @jordanbpeterson is saying here. If we all boldly told the truth right now, consequences be damned, I think we could turn this descent into Marxist hell around more quickly that we can possibly imagine. (But it’s not without risk.)

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anyone know of a open source program that monitors your lightning node and sends msg if there's an invoice pd?

mutable, censorable, centralized


"Bitcoiners" using Twitter, ???

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PREDICTION. "Every Layer 2 solution that has gatekeepers will come under direct fire from the State for them to inspect every single transaction they process to check against blacklists and other things, rendering them inferior to true permissionless Layer 2 solutions".

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Socialists never build institutions, they only hijack and take them over. They appropriate the political, cultural or economic capital created by others and spend it down to nothing.

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