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API client for Gettr, GoGettr is built and maintained by SIO, who freely collects all data:

Gettr and the Stanford Internet Observatory.
The director of SIO, Alex Stamos deep ties to Facebook, Zuck and Sandberg.

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What other centralized Social Media Platform (that will Surveil and Monetize me) should I sign up for?

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A new society in cyberspace that permanently displaces the Nation State with #DigitalIdentity based single sign-on, social scoring, omnipresent surveillance, programmable serf money, and a network of digital and physical checkpoints.

This is the #GreatReset.

FYI test your search engine: Search for "Climategate" and see what you get. If the falsely named "" comes up as the first item. The rest of the results are also almost all left wing B.S. as well.

ok bitcoin, now that the people that bought 100K strike call options a year ago are rekt, can we get back to the bull market?

Alot of the talking heads are calling for an even greater liquidity event than march 2020. I dont think so. March 2020 was the reaction to the entire world shutting down. That's not going to happen again. My 2 sats.

Question for bill gates and anthony fauci: how do you sleep at night?

if a red pilled guy like Pierre Poilievre is just now grokking bitcoin, just think how early we are.

when i do a search or check wikipedia, i ask myself "is this a neutral subject?" or will results probably be censored. Sad.

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Those saying the world would be better without #money not only misunderstand what money is, they also mistakenly believe that scarcity is caused by money and not the nature of the world.

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I wonder if it keeps Saylor up at night to have 100K++ BTC on coinbase. If I was him, I would at least move it to another custodian just to prove the keys.

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owning bitcoin means I don't have to waste any time with the half-baked opinions of retarded midwits obsessed with the theater that is modern politics. example: you think
socialism/communism is a good idea? cool. good luck. that makes bitcoin priceless in my eyes.

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THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING--a feature not a bug that INDIVIDUALS💪predominantly own #bitcoin, not institutions (despite what traditionalists say is a problem😂). #UASF proved individuals control bitcoin🧡. Case closed. If you're new to bitcoin, read The Blocksize War to learn.👀

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I let Coinbase hold my keys I let my "wife" have an Onlyfans Same energy

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The concept of “lockdown” is an affront to our entire way of life. It is a terrible, dark, illegitimate, murderous, totalitarian CCP policy that should have been laughed out of the room by the leaders, scientists and citizens of any sane, democratic country.

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